Just Getting Started: My Short Film

Just Getting Started: My Short Film

I woke up one day with an idea on my mind–making a short film about homosexuality in teenagers.

In my school community, people don’t usually make fun of gays and lesbians in the open, but a lot of them don’t like homosexuality either. Some students are mocked because of their “unusual” sexual orientations. Homosexuals are suppressed due to family and social perspectives.

My main goal is to help the majority of people in my community realize that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality (sorry but no transgender because I didn’t find a transgender in my school–I’m a realist).

So I went to some of my good friends and asked them to join. We had just enough people to start. I’m both the director and an actress. Honestly, I think acting and directing at once isn’t a sensible choice, but the people I asked to act for this character didn’t like to get in front of the camera, so I had to take the role myself.

After a month, I finally thought up the name for the film: “I Killed My Beloved”. There’s a special reason for this and you’ll know when the film comes out (though probably not for a few months😂).


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