Minimal Damage

I stood outside the tomb, my friend Jean beside me.

We were both holding a wooden stake in one hand, a knife in the other. I had thought about bringing a gun, but it would cause much disturbance in the area if I fired a bullet at the creature we were about to destroy.

“Scared?” Jean asked, her voice shaking.

“Yeah,” I croaked. How much I wanted some water now! The time was near!

“Do you still remember what we need to do?”


“Drive the stake through the heart.”

“I know.”

“Remember, minimal damage. We don’t want anyone to notice.”

“Of course.”

Jean took a deep breath, stepped forward to the tomb door, and cracked the lock. When the door screeched open, we were welcomed by a foul smell of decaying earth. Slowly we piled in, Jean in front of me. Silver moonlight fell onto the new marble floor, leading us toward our destination.

But as we approached, we could see that the coffin lid had slid over the side and was now resting on the floor. The creature had come out, escaped, or both!

Jean turned to me, cursing under her breath. But as I looked, my eyes widened, for behind her came a white flash.

My friend fell to the ground, and I was staring at the crimson that was the creature’s fiery eyes.

via Daily Prompt: Minimal


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