3. Careful

3. Careful

I had no idea how I was laying on a bed that wasn’t mine. The bedsheets smelled different. The pillow was lower. Even the air smelled different: mint, lavender, and chocolate mixed together. Without opening my eyes, I could feel the sun on my face.

Sitting up quickly, I glanced around and saw Calliope dead asleep on the ground; the bed opposite looked a lot like my own bed. Maybe it was.

“Calliope,” I called, knowing that she wouldn’t wake up anyway.

Thankfully it was Saturday. Then it occurred to me that I went to Zeus’s party last night. I remembered seeing Poseidon—how handsome he was—and then Aphrodite, and then there was Apollo…

How did I get back to my room?

When I had come back from the bathroom, Calliope was fully dressed and was putting on some makeup.

“Hi, Perse.” Without waiting for my response, she babbled on, “Apollo and someone else had to carry you back. You drank far too much nectar. Then you vomited on your bed when we laid you down, so I let you sleep on mine.”

I had no idea that excessive nectar would get someone drunk; maybe Calliope was fooling with me. “Um, thanks.”

“How was the party?”

“I didn’t really remember,” I said frankly.

Her hands stopped, and she glanced at me sideways. Then she resumed her makeup process. “You totally had his heart.”

I thought I detected a trace of bitterness in her voice. I might even have called it jealousy, but I knew Calliope wasn’t the lingering-over-ex-boyfriends type of person. At least, I thought she meant Apollo when she said “his”.

“No way,” I replied.

She rolled her eyes. “I swear.”

“Apollo—” Then I pointed at my chest. “Me?”

“Sure, why not?” Calliope shrugged. “You’re not ugly.”

I think she meant to say “you can be beautiful if you are willing to do something to yourself.”

I sighed. I wasn’t a prudent person, but now I got to be careful.

Because Apollo had literally dated every girl in this school.


(featured photo: “Autumn Chrysanthemum” by Natalia Drepina)


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