Tenacious Grip

The vampire pulled its lips back; its canine teeth were especially sharp and white against the darkness in the tomb and the scarlet of its lips. It leaped for me; I knew I would be powerless against its inhuman strength, but I didn’t care. What mattered was that this pest of the mortal world had humiliated Jean, when she deserved some peace.

The creature’s fingers touched and gripped me tenaciously. I thrust out.

It screamed out long as my wooden stake drove through its body. But as I watched it screeching at my feet and tearing at itself as if to get rid of the holy stake, I noticed the unbearable pain along my collar bone to my left armpit. It was like fire had lit me up, consuming everything within me—my cells, my blood, my flesh—and not any less agonizing than the pain the creature was experiencing right now.

Do you think you can stop me?” the creature bellowed, not loud but enough to shake the whole tomb with its rumbling voice. “After all these centuries…after I have went through Hell’s fire to—

“Begone!” I yelled, despite the agony in my shoulder.

Its face screwed up, distorted, as I spoke against it. The deathless, devilishly beautiful face looked up at me and begged me to stop; it flashed a smile that could have been radiant and charming, if it were not for those treacherous wolf-like teeth and the hellfire burning in the crimson eyes.


via Daily Prompt: Tenacious


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