Blindly Struggle

I was suddenly glad, despite the fact that I was dying.

The creature’s body was the first to crumble away into gray dust that settled the tomb’s marble floor. To my great disgust, the pale skin shrank and shriveled up, so that it clung to bones. The face still blindly struggled, desiring me to stop its destruction.

I would not and could not. The holy stake would forbid me anyway.

You will regret this!” the creature shrieked. “You will die a painful death!

I sneered and looked up at the ceiling of the tomb, as if my gaze could penetrate the stone into the starry sky above. “It is worth it.”

With that, I stamped my foot onto the wooden stake so that it pierced the creature completely. The wailing that followed was a horrible sound yet sweet music to my ears.

Then blood oozed out of my wound like a waterfall breaking free of rocks. There was no time left.

Having gathered up and poured the leftover dust into the empty coffin, I hoisted Jean’s body up with my good, right arm, and I left the dreary tomb.

And I collapsed.

via Daily Prompt: Blindly


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