8. Disguise

8. Disguise

(I don’t really believe in horoscope but it says today I’m having good writing skills, so here I am, trying it out)

Everyone was required to practice his or her power every Sunday until he or she passed the Exam, so here I was, standing in the outdoor arena where fatal accidents happened every one second. The morning sun blazed hot on my skin, blinding my eyes.

I was looking around for no apparent reason until I stumbled across Zeus and realized I was looking for Hades, who wouldn’t be here because he had just passed his Exam. I hadn’t asked him yesterday what god he was. I would definitely ask him later.

At the corner of the arena, Demeter was waving at me. I hurried to her.

Demeter was a kind, polite person. She wouldn’t make fun of or criticize other people; I didn’t think someone wouldn’t like her. It was one of the reasons why I saw her a friend.

“Hi. What’s for today?” I asked.

“The usual,” she replied, a glint in her eyes. “Trying to grow a plant with your will.”

I sighed, but I tried not to look bored because Demeter loved this kind of thing. “Haven’t you already done that?”

“Yes, but I want to grow every plant on the world.”

I touched my hand to a wilted pomegranate tree, which then came alive. A few minutes passed and it was blooming with big pomegranates already.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a wisp of smoke that was so familiar: Hades. He was standing in the shadows; I couldn’t see his eyes, but I had a feeling he was watching me; then he came toward me.

The pomegranate tree wilt, back to what it had been before I revived it. I was quite shocked, but Hades was beside me, so I didn’t say anything. I was conscious of Demeter’s eyes on my back and wished she could just concentrate on whatever she was doing.

“Look, about yesterday,” Hades started in a whisper, barely audible. “I didn’t tell you which god I’ve become.”

“You’re willing to tell me?”

“Yeah.” He was nervous. “That’s what Aphrodite did, right?”

I laughed shortly, feeling more conscious that people were watching. “You don’t have to be like her!” I chided.

His opaque, dark eyes studied me for a few moments and apparently decided that I was right.

Because no matter what, you must be yourself. Pretending to be someone else wouldn’t last forever; your disguise would eventually fall away.

via Opaque

(featured photo by Lukas Leonte, “Safety and Hope”)


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