9. Payback

9. Payback

(It’s a bit long due to lots of dialogue; I do hope you’ll read to the end)

One could not expect everything to go his or her way, especially when it came to emotion.

Apparently, Big Mouth Aphrodite and Poseidon had got too intimate on that party, because flying around the whole school were rumors—

Why am I still trying to comfort myself?

The truth was, Aphrodite and Poseidon were dating, and—surprise! the Big Mouth spread rumor about me giving Poseidon an eye, despite the fact that Apollo was standing outside my door every morning.

Why does she have to do this to me anyway?

“Because she’s the goddess of love,” Calliope mused. We were in the only safe place on campus: our dorm room. No one could hear anything we say.

“And?” I asked, quite confused.

“And she’s jealous.”

“What?” What logic was that? But this was Calliope, who had much more experience than I did.

“I hate to admit it, but Apollo is really handsome.” She grimaced. “You know Aphrodite gets jealous over things that aren’t even hers.”

I didn’t want to think of Apollo or Aphrodite or anyone else, so I told her I would take the Exam next week.

Calliope’s eyes widened. “Next week? That’s so fast!”

I shrugged. “My power is weak, so the Exam might be easy for me.”

My roommate raised her eyebrows. “You just haven’t figured out its usefulness.”

Staring at her for a while until she smiled broadly in encouragement, I sighed and thought instead about the girl who had taken my man and crushed my reputation.

I would do something that would totally piss Aphrodite off.

The next morning, before I even opened my room door, I could feel someone behind it. I took a deep breath, swung the door open, and said, “Hey Apollo.”

He looked shocked, because on the previous mornings I had treated him like empty air, and now I must have looked so avid.

“Nice hair,” he stammered. He must have not known what to say because my hair was let down, as usual.

“Sure, thanks,” I replied. “Breakfast with me?”

Frantically, Apollo nodded his head. I was more than grateful when we walked into the cafeteria together, because at that precise moment everyone turned his or her head in our direction. Maybe they were staring at Apollo, but I had an ominous feeling…

“Look who’s here?” The familiar screeching of Big Mouth reached my ears. I tried very hard not to look around for her. In fact, I didn’t need to, since Aphrodite and her group of popular girls were sitting in the most visible place and wearing flashy tops that showed off their bosoms.

“You look soooo nice today,” she said, with a hint of jealousy. “I wonder if you’re going to hook up with my boyfriend Poseidon today?”

I furrowed my eyebrows. Apollo cursed and said under his breath, “That’s bullying. I’m telling you, Persephone, it’s bullying.”

If I were my usual self, I would’ve just left, but today, with Apollo beside me, new strength seeped through me. I didn’t trust myself to say anything back to Aphrodite, so I muttered to Apollo, “What’s your plan?”

He reached for my hand.

The next few seconds passed in absolute silence. Everyone—including me—seemed to hold his or her breath, watching the show. Apollo led an involuntary me toward the popular girls, most of whom were his ex-girlfriends, and chided, “You might want to take that back, Aphrodite, because you don’t mess with my girl.”

Walking afar and pulling me with him, he stopped for once and said to Aphrodite, “Look out for your boyfriend. You never know what I can do to him.”

(featured photo via Designspiration; but I really want to know who the artist is)



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