Progress: Almost Done

Today my team has successfully shot one of the most important scenes in my short film.


This scene is a dialogue between the two main characters. The man goes to find the woman in a piano room, telling her that she must go meet the other character. At this point, the man reveals that he likes the woman.

Then, in the other scene, after the woman comes back to find the man, she agrees to date with him.

I set this second scene outside the piano rooms, in an open ground where elementary school students have their recess every afternoon. This is, in fact, the only difficulty I’ve encountered in shooting this very short scene, because I didn’t expect so many kids running about! More importantly, I didn’t want kids circling around the actors (one of whom is actually me😂) while the cameraman shot the scene. That would be very awkward.

Fortunately, the kids soon wandered off, and we had a moment of peace—during which the scene was shot—before we met people we knew.

Update on the progress: there’re only 3 scenes left.

Support From a Friend

Today when I went to find my cameraman, he was talking with a girl from our grade. (I’ll call her K.) So K is a lesbian/bisexual and has a girlfriend. When she asked what kind of short film we were filming, I told her it is about LGBTQ, upon which K’s eyes lit up. She was very enthusiastic and asked me if she could be one of the first to watch the film when it’s done. I was so glad that she supported us.

Finding Music

Last weekend I researched online about music copyright and commissioning an artist to do the music. The issue with copyright is a bit different in China—one uses whatever song he or she finds without citing it and is not aware of copyrights.

I’m not comfortable with using someone else’s music without crediting him or her, but I also don’t know if using a famous song and crediting its artist for my short film is okay. The search engines aren’t giving lots of answers.

I guess the best way to be legal (and original) is to commission a composer. I happen to know someone who composes music. I should pay him because he’s not giving his service for free! Now the problem is, I don’t know how much I should pay him… (he’s my friend; he’s a student; he’s in Europe)


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