Leave me in my own misery, for I am better off without your presence. You bring not joy, but fear. I perish under your hands, as I can not withstand your force, your strength, your power.

You are eternal darkness, engulfing me with your mass and and pulling me down into the endless void. I try countless times to escape your invisible grasp, but it is when I see what I care about before me that I fall into your blackness—when at that millisecond of hope I step into your trap.

I am a passenger in your doom bus, which takes each one of us on a one-way trip that has no escape. Oh, look! I am at the destination—the land of nothing, the land of emptiness, the land of you. Release me—I beg you. I would rather die than dwell in your hands, as death is such a mercy compared to what you have prepared for me. I cannot live with the horrible feeling you give me.

via Passenger


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