Today I want to share with you a terrible news:

A national committee in China just identified homosexuality as one of the un-normal sexual acts.

What can I say? I am a supporter for LGBTQ in my community. I have seen people suffer in my school because of who they are. But I have seen more and more people rising up to proudly say that they are LGBTQ. I have seen a more democratic China. I am even hoping that in the near future, China would make same-sex marriage legitimate.

But that dream seemed to be crushed when hundreds of online articles reported the sad news. And this isn’t the worst part. The worst is that, when these articles stood up for LGBTQ and condemned the statement, they are wiped off the internet.

The ironic part is, when we tried to speak up for freedom, our own “freedom-seeking” leaders suppressed us so that we could not be heard. Why? Because apparently, this committee don’t want anyone in the society to think that homosexuality is a normal.

No religious beliefs are involved in this. What is this kind of society, then? Oh, I think I just remember something that happened seventy years ago!


No offense, but whoever that said the second sentence in this blog page is probably ancient.

A few decades ago, China officially decriminalized homosexuality and removed it from the list of “mental illness”. And now an unofficial committee wants to do WHAT?

From a logical point of view, there’s a fallacy called the naturalistic fallacy, which states that “what is natural is right“. But psychologists say that humans can disobey this “natural”; we can disobey what our genes designed us to do.

If some people call heterosexuality as natural and so it is right, they are actually making a naturalistic fallacy. And as we humans can disobey what is “natural”, we can disobey the “rule” that we must be heterosexual, which means we can be homosexual.

We are all humans, aren’t we?


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