18. Tears

18. Tears

I had never seen Hades in tears before.

“I’m sorry,” I croaked. It was the first thing I said after I could open my mouth and eyes.

“Please don’t ever do that. Ever again.” He glared at me. “For a f*cking moment I thought you were gonna die.”

“I thought you are the god of dead and know who would die.”

“I don’t predict the future.”

I felt really sorry. I didn’t know I would fall from the sky. I didn’t know he couldn’t catch me. I didn’t know there was something keeping us from exploring further. Then I thought, Why am I still alive?

I plucked the grass from its roots and threw them around me. What Hades had seen had come true—I was lying on the ground, half dead—so it must be that what I had seen would also come true.

Hades putting a crown on my head…Who was playing such a bad joke on us?

(featured image: “Farewell” by Marta Bevacqua)

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