19. Concern

19. Concern

A very strange thing happened yesterday.

Our dorm proctors had told us that a new dorm assignment would arrive and everyone would be in a new room. I didn’t get it—why change? When I asked one of the proctors, she said, with a heavy sigh, “Selene is gone. We should move her roommate Hera to a place.”

But that raised more questions in my mind: why not just move Hera? Why move the entire dorm?

Today all of us had our stuff packed. My roommate Calliope had so many things that she couldn’t fit them into one single baggage. I myself didn’t have a lot of things, so it was relatively easy for me. When everyone had come out to the hallway, the proctors handed him or her a notepaper that had his or her new room number on it.

I looked at a proctor’s approaching figure, then I turned to Calliope and hugged her so hard that she squealed.

“Thank you so much for being an awesome roommate. I’ll miss you.” I had planned to say more, but my nose became sour, so I decided to let the silent moment between us remain that way.

My new room was located opposite of this side of the campus, in a tall tower. Since I didn’t have friends that had lived there, I never went there before. It took me a million turns to get to the base of the tower.

As I was climbing the eternal flight of stairs, I noticed the windows on the side of the tower were overlooking the canyon, which was beautifully covered in red and pale yellow—colors of soil, perhaps. It was a pleasant view, but one would quickly become bored if he were to live here for a few years. I felt sick at stomach when I saw the canyon at the vast blueness. It reminded me my fall the other day.

Then concern kicked into my mind—what if someone had seen the incident? What if someone had watched, from this tower, me and Hades going up together to the sky? What if he or she thought I had died, but then he or she saw me again?

I shook those thoughts away. If someone had seen me, he or she—our of curiosity—would have come to ask already!

My baggage bumped and bounced on the stone staircase. I was probably just half way when a horribly familiar voice said behind me, “Hey, need any help?”

I sighed, turning around. “No, thanks, Apollo.”

He cocked his head. “You look like you need some.”

“Nah, it’s just I’m wearing inflexible jeans today.”

He raised an eyebrow, then he grabbed the handle of my baggage from my hand and hoisted the entire baggage up.

“Thank me later,” he said, winking.

via Soil

(featured image by Madame Peripetie)


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