My protective personality clouds my eyes to see anything except the one who tries to take my friend away from me. This morning I brushed my teeth so hard (because I was so pissed off) that the bristles on the toothbrush are bent.

My life seems like a joke: people I love belong to other people, people I want to befriend with are befriended to other people, people I try to save are saved by other people. Most annoying of all, I see my friends as my only, and yet these other people see our relationship as “only friends”.

But in my heart, I go way beyond “only friends”. If someone is actually willing to talk to me about life philosophy, politics, and other matters on this world, and if he is so similar as me, I would transcend the “only friends” level. What I really want is to connect on the spiritual level, while the other people are just interested in looks.

I hope he understands that I am taking our friendship seriously, instead of being a girl who just want to flirt with cute-looking guys. I also hope he can distinguish between those who really want to get to know him and those who just want to flirt with him.

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2 thoughts on “Anger

  1. I can totally hear you… Do you like Tarot?. I have found some powerful force of renewal in Tarot readigs and currently I am starting to learn myself … I´ll soon buy the classic tarot deck (called Rider Waite). There are many good channels on Youtube (in English). The readings are general, for each horsocope sign. You can look for Queen of Cups Tarot or Cattarot on Youtube and give it a try. All my best wishes 😀


    • I actually have a stack of Tarot cards with Alphonse-Mucha-style illustrations but I haven’t really learned how to be “professional”😆 Thanks for the recommendation—I’ll look into those Youtube channels

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