About Me

I think I’m the only person in my school who’s interested in Greek mythology and willing to read classical literature (in English translation, of course, though I’d love to learn Ancient Greek/Latin), and I’m not exaggerating.

As a perfectionist—or so my friends say—I thrive to be my best in everything I’m interested in, including creative writing and acting for a play/drama. Although I can’t be the best in my school or whatever, I try to get as close to the best in class as I can, but eventually the person I have to beat is myself. I’m recently working on a personal movie project that aims to encourage the LGBTQ in my community in China (because of various reasons).

There are a lot about me that I myself don’t know or recognize yet. I think sometimes there’s another side of me that is lurking underneath. I hope to find my other self through writing this blog.

That is what I would do: to write.