I did some community service in a faraway place in China. Apart from bringing a different kind of learning environment to the poor kids, our team also donated books. The school didn’t have a “library” because there wasn’t enough land for even a small library; the bookshelves were cramped together in the multifunctional room.


The school had enough bookshelves but there weren’t enough books to fill them. Our main sources of books were the children’s books at my and my friends’ place. Considering that we no longer read science-facts books or magazines, we packed all of them and shipped to the school.

The books they had owned were not for all age groups and there wasn’t a large variety of reading material. We brought in magazines for all age, some dictionaries, and some literature.


We spent a whole morning sorting out the books and putting them in order in bookshelves. The place was beginning to look like a library.

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The Arctic

The Arctic

This is our Earth, but if we don’t preserve it, this natural beauty would forever vanish.

Ten years ago, in the city where I’m living now, the night sky was clear and starry, but now it is blank and dark red with pollution. I hope this would not happen to the Arctic. I hope the Arctic sky would always be clear and dark.


Photographer: Azalea Frost

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