16. Death of Selene

16. Death of Selene

On our way back to my room, I held a plate of sandwich that Hades had just given me.

“I’m goddess of springtime,” I said to Hades, “while you’re god of the dead. How nice.”

“Why are you so sarcastic?”

“Cause’ I don’t think we’re supposed to get along.” What a lie.


I shook my head, thinking how to answer when there was a loud bang coming from in front of us. My room door was kicked open and Calliope stumbled out, looking horrified and desperate. I ran up to her while shouting “what’s wrong?” Continue reading


12. Hospitality

12. Hospitality

I couldn’t bear to look directly at Selene.

She still had her baby-blue coat on, but it just made her look thinner because it was designed to be baggy.

Calliope, who was a lot bolder than me, spoke up in a cheery voice before the silence got too awkward, “So, Selene, you look so thin!”

Selene lowered her head and said in her gentle, brittle voice. “I’m trying, Calliope. I’m trying very hard. But I have this disease in my stomach that makes it hard to absorb nutrients.”

At this moment the seemingly useless stuff I learned in biology came back to me. Of course! Selene was thin because she was ill, not because it was a natural thing! Now I wondered why Aphrodite and the others would want to be ill all the time just to be thin. Continue reading

11. Thin Girl

11. Thin Girl

“Perse,” my roommate said, “you know the girl who wears a big coat everyday?”

My mind searched for a memory of the girl in baby-blue coat, and finally came to the image of a thin girl with dark hair and pronounced cheekbones, who used to hang out with Hera.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Selene. We’re going to take care of her from now on.” Continue reading